The Albufera of Valencia

la-albufera-valencia-okVILLAMILAGRO is located in a strategic point of Valencia, and from here, we offer our customers a series of visits or trips to the wonderful world around us.

The Albufera Natural Park is located about 10 km. south of the city of Valencia, and understands the system formed by the lagoon itself and its moist environment. From VILLAMILAGRO propose the following guided tour to enjoy a day of this place so special through huts and rice paddies:

• Transfer to the park and visit the nature reserve area with waterfowl
• Boating
• Food Traditional rice, with entrance to choose between all i Pebre, seafood and / or salad and three rice to choose from arroz a banda, paella or seafood, drink and dessert
• Other possibilities to choose