El alojamiento Rural

VILLAMILAGRO is a typical farmhouse of the area, which has over 100 years old , and was originally intended to farmhouse. The property was acquired around the year 1900 by the grandfather of the current owners, and its name comes from his grandmother Miracle.

At the beginning of s . XX , between the end of Poliñá and Riola , had a field called l’ HORT DE L’ ABACHERA ( the nickname of the owner) in very poor condition. That was when Vicente Pous , trader and a love of the land , embarked on a new adventure to their own production and processing of a tropical paradise . Our Home.

If we talk a bit of history or mythology , we can speak of the tree of the golden apples which reportedly referred to oranges , considered as a valuable fruit . So valuable is this fruit considered Gea Juno gave to the garden of the Hesperides as a wedding gift . This garden is located on Mount Atlas , which was inhabited by orange … was in Bahia, Brazil, where it caused a more sweet and juicy orange , the navel orange or Washington Navel , which was brought to California becoming the Queen of Oranges .

The consolidation during the last centuries of orange in our country has placed Valencia ahead in the production of oranges thanks to its high quality. And it was in Carcaixent late eighteenth century , where a priest thumb got , by grafting , the first orange edible fruit .

Already in 1900 , this rich tradition valencia comes true, and the best orange is grown on our land , slowly taking root in various locations in the Ribera del Júcar , which fruit is cultivated powering every way.

Renowned varieties are gaining ground . In this way, the navel -late , has become the great reserve of oranges , and today we continue cultivating and indulging as in its infancy.